Shipping Policy

We contract to a third party for all of our shipments. If your product arrives damaged, take a photograph, including the state of the packaging. Send us an email to and we’ll do our best for you. Unfortunately, we can’t be held responsible for couriers and what they might do to packages.

If we have made a mistake in shipping – we will pay the cost of a new shipment and the return of the original products to us.

Chocolate likes to be kept at 14 to 19 degrees – so get it in from the sun and heat as soon as possible. If you see white across the top of your chocolate it is most likely “blooming” where the fat separates from the cocoa.  Your chocolate will taste the same, but it doesn’t look so pretty.

Please note we don't ship on Fridays or weekends, to avoid any issues of chocolate spending too long in the shipping warehouse where temperatures might not be optimal. For this reason, we send orders out on Monday - Thursday. 

At this time we don't offer international delivery, or shipping options to PO Box numbers. If you require a special delivery option, please contact us directly.