At Chocolate Brown our chocolatiers do our best to make sure you can safely enjoy the most delicious, top quality chocolates.  We do this by making sure you know what you are eating.

We make no claims that our products are free of allergens.  Instead, we alert you to what allergens are present in a product and what allergens my be present.

Where a product recipe contains an allergen, we clearly list that allergen on the product label.  Where the product recipe does not contain a certain allergen, we still state on our product labels that it may contain that allergen.  Our chocolatiers work in a small artisan kitchen where there are a number of allergens present and there is always a risk of contamination.

For instance, our recipes for dark chocolate - containing over 50% cocoa - do not list milk as an ingredient, but the labels for our dark chocolates state that these products may contain milk because we make milk chocolate in the same environment.

Our chocolate and truffle recipes do not contain gluten as an ingredient BUT gluten may be present in the factory where our recipes are made.  Hence we cannot make a claim to be gluten-free. 

In general, our products may contain: dairy, eggs, gluten, milk, nuts, soy, because they are made in a factory where those products are processed. 

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